The many news reports questioning whether Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother, as well as subsequent perjury accusations, are very serious. The evidence, including notarized court documents, is compelling.

The brother she was alleged to have married is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Photos exist on social media showing them together in England. They both attended North Dakota State University. Omar’s official response denying the allegations, when read in full, still leaves room for doubt.

Omar also attempted to alter existing Minnesota marriage laws as a new state legislator. Language she hoped to insert would have opened the door for illegal marriages, taking place out of state, to be declared legal. Why was this legislation important to her? Does this tie into Ilhan’s official statement discussing her “faith tradition” marriage/divorce versus her legal ones?

Here is text from the bill she co-authored (HF 3974), which would have amended our current marriage laws to say:

“a civil marriage that is recognized by another state or foreign jurisdiction under common law or statute, is void and against the public policy of this state unless neither party was a resident of this state at the time the marriage was entered into.

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