When Is a Safe Haven NOT Safe? Omar’s Dangerous Stance

Many people coming to America do so to find a safe haven for themselves or their families, and that is completely understandable. How then can Ilhan Omar justify her campaign goal of completely open borders?

Helping refugees does not include allowing criminals to enter as well, harming these already traumatized people. Protecting family, friends and those seeking asylum should be a priority of any compassionate nation. This means using common sense methods that work to step between abusers and the abused, the vulnerable and the corrupt individuals targeting them.

Ilhan Omar states on her campaign website, if she’s elected to Congress, she will:

  • Fight back against the criminalization of immigration and crossing the border

How does this objective create safety when open borders allow both good and bad to enter; refugee and terrorist to enter? Does she really think only good-intentioned people cross our borders? What good is our compassion if our responses cause even more anguish? Omar’s desire for open borders is NOT compassionate; it’s dangerous.

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