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More Evidence Implicates Ilhan in Multiple Felonies

New documents have been uncovered and turned over to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota implicating Ilhan Omar in multiple state and federal felonies, including tax fraud, immigration fraud, healthcare fraud and FAFSA fraud. This new information adds to a large body of evidence already compiled and turned over to authorities. Omar has been fined […]

Probable Cause Leads to Investigation of Ilhan Omar

After probable cause was found, Ilhan Omar is now under investigation by the state Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. The violations and fines against Omar are mounting and so is the public’s frustration with her vague, and at times, conflicting responses. The Star Tribune’s Editorial Board recently wrote this about Omar: “…the charges suggest […]

Ilhan Omar Votes to Help Terrorist’s Families, NOT Victims

The fact that Omar was one of only two legislators to vote against a common sense bill speaks volumes about her extreme views. Denying life insurance payments to a terrorist’s family protects us all, as there should never be incentives for murdering innocent people. Her vote should outrage every Minnesotan. External References and Sources Continue […]

Ilhan Omar’s Alarming Pattern of Ethics Violations

Caught illegally taking money for speaking engagements as a State Legislator. Filed required campaign finance documents five months late to avoid a House Ethics Committee hearing into this violation. Fined for numerous campaign violations. Notarized court documents showing apparent perjury. There is an alarming pattern with Omar that Minnesotans shouldn’t ignore prior to casting their November […]

Omar’s Questionable Marriage Legislation: Attempt to Cover Immigration Fraud?

The many news reports questioning whether Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother, as well as subsequent perjury accusations, are very serious. The evidence, including notarized court documents, is compelling. The brother she was alleged to have married is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Photos exist on social media showing them together […]

Omar Campaign Muscle Level 4 Felon; Using Threats to Silence Somali Community?

Somali individuals wanting the public to know the truth about Omar should not be forced into silence. Many of these individuals came to America to escape corruption and intimidation tactics. See the social media evidence presented in the following news articles. This information is extremely disturbing. External References and Sources Continue your search for truth […]

When Is a Safe Haven NOT Safe? Omar’s Dangerous Stance

Many people coming to America do so to find a safe haven for themselves or their families, and that is completely understandable. How then can Ilhan Omar justify her campaign goal of completely open borders? Helping refugees does not include allowing criminals to enter as well, harming these already traumatized people. Protecting family, friends and those […]

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