Marrying Her Brother, Perjury, Cover-up? Is it Worth Your Vote?


Knowingly breaking laws is bad enough, covering up the crime is worse. Swearing in court something is true when it is false, when it is a lie; is perjury. If a state lawmaker running for U.S. Congress were guilty of perjury, the outrage would be justifiable. An elected politician creating laws we all must obey under fear of punishment, is a powerful person. Enter Ilhan Omar.

In 2017 Minnesota State Representative Omar vouched for the truthfulness of her statements in signed court documents, under penalty of perjury. Yet the information (including photos) in the news links below makes a strong case that Ilhan Omar made false statements while petitioning for a default divorce.

Divorcing a husband isn’t usually a major topic of interest for the general public. However, when the husband of this state lawmaker was alleged to have been Omar’s brother, the voters should seek the truth. This compelling evidence needs to be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated before the November election.

External References and Sources

Continue your search for truth by following the external links to news articles and other sources below.

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Longtime MN DFL Legislator Convinced Omar Marriage Allegations True!

“the story about the two husbands is completely true”
– Phyllis Kahn

When Phyllis Kahn (DFL), who represented most of Minneapolis in the State Legislature for 44 years, speaks this directly about Ilhan Omar; voters take notice! Ms. Kahn not only states the fraud allegations regarding Omar’s marriages are true, but in order to not appear racist, reporters won’t pursue the topic.

A few brave investigative journalists have easily found very credible evidence to support the accusations. These journalists understand ignoring this type of powerful evidence, because the candidate is a minority, undermines the transparency and truth the voters expect from our media and our government representatives.

External References and Sources

Continue your search for truth by following the external links to news articles and other sources below.

The Intercept Article with the quote from Phyllis Kahn

PJ Media article about Minnesota Media’s coverup of Omar wrongdoings

Phyllis Kahn Wikipedia Entry

PJ Media article about Omar Divorcing Her Alleged Brother

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Alpha News Investigation Suggests Omar Married Her Brother

City Journal The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar


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